It is really a laborious task to prepare your furniture for the storage unit. It is actually the test of your creativity when you will start packing awkwardly shaped furniture pieces. In case you are moving to a place where there will be lack of space and you also don’t want to say goodbye to your heirloom or favorite furniture, then it is always a good idea to send it to the storage unit. If you are planning to send your furniture to a storage unit, then we are here mentioning here six tips that would definitely make you relocate your big and bulky furniture safe to the next destination.

·        Empty your furniture in case it is applicable vacuum with a brush to remove any excess dirt, and clean all the surfaces with a gentle solution of soap and water. Let the furniture air dry, preferably sun dry will be best for it.

·        Apply furniture protection spray, as well as leather conditioner, when applicable. Wax coating in wooden furniture will protect it; this will seal the wood and reduce the risk of mold development. Wipe down metal elements with oil to prevent tarnishing and rusting. 

·        It is a difficult matter to transit furniture in storage unit. Consider dismantling of furniture. You can use bubble wrap to protect the small parts of the furniture. Pack all the detached pieces from one furniture item together and put small hardware parts (bolts, hinges, etc.) in ziploc bag.

·        In case you are storing items for a long term use furniture blanket. You can also use blankets and rugs for the same. Secure the blankets in place with rubber bands, cinch straps, or plastic wrap. 

·        Do not use plastic wrap directly on wooden or leather furniture this is because plastic wrap will hold the moisture inside and this will give way to moths. Besides, prolonged contact with plastic may ruin paint jobs and result in stains;

·        Always use white color sheet to protect the furniture. If you will use dark color then maybe it will damage the furniture. 

These are the six very important tips that would definitely make you to move your furniture to the storage unit safe. Remember if you are packing furniture by your own you have to do the task very carefully. To attain a surety that you will receive safe items it would be really great to hire packers and movers in mumbai for packing your furniture for the storage unit.

Packing and moving of furniture can be done easily and packers and movers mumbai provides the best solution regarding packing of goods. 

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